Technical Translations

Technical translations require more than language knowledge and fluency because it is about specific topics and it uses terminology from various segments. Such kind of service takes into account the terminologies mostly used on each sector.
We got highly qualified translators, from different backgrounds in order to supply every demand for technical translations with quality, fluency and suitable to the language of the job.
We translate texts from the following sectors: medical, engineering, pharmaceutical, law, business management, accounting, tourism, TELECOM, IT, automotive, marketing, metallurgy, textile, etc.
LenguaePro translates technical texts into several languages, fast, clearly, keeping the clients’ privacy and delivering on time. We translate into: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Mandarin/Chinese and Arabic (Check for other languages)
We use the main existing technologies available in the marketing helping the translator to provide a high quality service, focusing on fluency, technical precision, as well as a consistent terminology that is suitable to the clients sector and the target language.
Our sales team is in charge of negotiating terms according the the project specific features. Contact us for a quote +1 203 557 7364 or send us an email at:

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+1 203 557 7364 +1 203 557 7364
LenguaePro has always been an exceptional partner, both for their quality and promptness, enabling the reach of our actions to…
Ricardo Almeida - Director at A2C
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