Localization: a service that goes way beyond translation

Companies doing business in different countries need to communicate with their clients in their own language. This requires translations that are clear, precise and culturally relevant for all the products and content.

The Linguae Institute offers Localization services for all of its client’s products and services, effectively helping them overcome one of the global world’s few remaining barriers: languages. That way we help companies of different sectors to speed their growth and maximize global opportunities.


Localization is not a mere translation, as it entails a comprehensive understanding of the culture where the target text will be used, in order to effectively and correctly adapt the product or service to local demands. The localization process includes adapting charts, using the local currency, the correct format for dates, addresses and telephone numbers. It may also include other details that acknowledge local aspects, avoiding culture conflicts and clashes, while satisfying the client’s needs and wishes.

In order to achieve these goals, we use native translators and advanced translation tools that allow for the creation of a memory of all previous translation work carried out, while analyzing a comprehensive corpus about the subject and creating a specific glossary for each project.

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