We offer different interpretation services in order to better cater our customers, according to their real needs. Through our interpretation services it is possible to promote a clear communication in different environments.
We offer efficient solutions for companies of every size and segments, like: simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and external interpreting.
Interpretation is a service that requires from the professional a high standard of qualification and concentration, which can only be acquired after years of training and experience.
We count with highly qualified professionals, graduated at specialized centers and with a large experience in areas like: medicine, management, sales, engineering, among others.
LenguaePro render interpretation services for corporate events, like: seminars, workshops, congresses and meetings. Our interpretation services are available in more than 12 languages, including: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
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"“LenguaePro has been a valuable partner to our organization, both for translation and interpreting services.”!"
Antoine Daher - Casa Hunter
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