LenguaePro provides translation and interpreting services in 12 languages!

LenguaePro is a highly experienced translation and interpretation provider that offers quality service and has an excellent structure to serve every job precisely and fast . We provide services to clients of all sizes and segments.
Moreover, we work with the most common Western languages as English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian, least common languages like Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian and Easter languages like Arabic, Russian and Chinese.

Information about LenguaePro

Quality, punctuality and privacy are LenguaePro’s values on each project. We are acknowledged for translating texts of different sizes with fluency and suitability to the target language.
We have a highly qualified team performing the services. Moreover we use the main technologies available that help to keep the quality and the consistency of the terminology used by the company. Everything for a competitive price.

More information

Our sales team negotiates price and delivery terms according to the client’s needs and the project features. Contact us for a quote by e-mail: contact@lenguaepro.com or by phone on +1 203 557 7364.

For further information, don't hesitate in contacting us:
+1 203 557 7364 +1 203 557 7364
LenguaePro has always been an exceptional partner, both for their quality and promptness, enabling the reach of our actions to…
Ricardo Almeida - Director at A2C
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